November 1st, 2015

     A brief update today. I just wanted everyone to know that I have been pumping out more videos lately. I hope you enjoy them! I'll hopefully be able ot continue to produce content at a brisk pace. Thanks for visiting.


October 4th, 2015

     Roughly three and a half years ago, the original was launched as a playground and experimental sandbox I used to explore my interest in web development. It evolved during the summer and subsequent fall of 2012 to something of a game akin to many of today's simplistic social mobile games. During that time, I began my career and my focus on the site left with it. This was an unfortunate, but intended result and the skills gained through my experience make me the man I am today.

     Eventually, the site was used to house a Dota 2 api companion that allowed a handful of my friends and I to rank our performance in said game. While more popular a year and a half ago, it still is running today and is still a topic of conversation.

     This leads to today. While my time to focus on the site has not increased in any way, the fervor to continue innovating and creating new content has only increased. The redesign of the site focuses on a variety of different medias. My videos are something I have been uploading slowly over the course of the years and I have found joy in creating them. The web projects I have created are more in tune with my skillset and are hopefully just as entertaining. In the end, I hope this site evolves like the many previous iterations have done in the past. Enjoy!